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About Us

TV Wall Mounting Services is the premier TV mounting service in the UK. Through years of hard work and a drive to instil best-in-class customer service practices, we’ve had the honour of helping several UK residents with their TV installation needs.

From small television mounting to large entertainment centre setups, we’ve seen it all. And, as such, our entire team is fully-equipped to handle any type of installation job you can throw at them.

All of our team is fully insured and certified to assist with in-home television mounting, and we’re certain it’ll be the best in-home professional service you could ever consider. From speedy installations to professionally mounted TV brackets, our team is the absolute best when it comes to results.

At the end of the day, though, we’re people helping people. TV Wall Mounting Services strives to create a friendly and rich experience that our customers couldn’t be happier with. That’s why we’re considered the #1 TV installer in the UK.

tv wall mount installation

Why Choose Us?

Top-Rated Customer Service

We’ve stayed in business for all these years because we understand the importance of putting people first. We strive to provide the best quality of work and customer service to every person who invites us into their homes for their TV wall mounting service.

When it comes to having your TV mounted or installed, you can hire a handyman just about anywhere. What is harder to find, however, is a team who cares as much about providing excellent customer service through hard work and ethical practices, like us.

Before you phone all the TV installers in the phone book, give us a call. We’ll make sure it’s the only call you need to make for your TV wall mount installation needs.

Expert TV Mount Installers

When you’re having a TV mounted in your home, the last thing you need is a shoddy job from a less-than-experienced TV installer. Hiring a technician who doesn’t know what they’re doing can lead to a disaster. That’s why all of our technicians are experts in mounting televisions.

The team you’ll meet here at TV Wall Mounting Services are all insured and fully certified to install your television. We understand the importance of getting the job done right and not just “good enough”. 

Our team possesses decades of experience with in-home repairs and TV mounting. There isn’t a situation we haven’t faced before, and there isn’t a situation we aren’t prepared for. Regardless of your wall mounting needs, we’ve got what it takes to get the job done right.

Countless Happy Customers

The reputation of our company has been carefully built and nurtured through countless years of TV installation. From home entertainment setups to peripheral device setups, we’ve handled every aspect of entertainment setups that our customers may need.

Our results speak for themselves. Through the years, we’ve managed to build up quite a resume, helping UK residents with their TV installation needs. At the end of the day, it’s our goal to provide the best service we can. We’re not happy unless you are.

In this business, you don’t stick around as long as we have if you don’t have excellent customer service skills. We’re here to help, and that’s our #1 goal when you invite us into your home.

Professional Service, Personal Touch

The current climate of professional in-home services seems to lack substance these days. Whether it’s bad work or rude technicians, it’s something we aim to fix in our industry. All of our installers treat your television installation as if it were their own, ensuring you get a precisely mounted television and favourable experience that exceeds your expectations.

When you hire our company, you can expect more than another handyman who shows up with some tools. Expect an installer who wants to make your entertainment centre and living space as comfortable and ideal for viewing as possible.

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Customer Reviews

Our success didn’t happen by accident; it was created by design. We believe that, when everything is said and done, nothing beats good old-fashioned hard work. That’s why we make it our mission to provide every resident who invites us into their home with the highest-quality installation they could ask for, all while executing our installation with top-shelf customer service.

That’s why our TV installation company has been considered the #1 TV installer for years. With a knack for problem-solving and a passion for delivering a result that exceeds expectations, we’re fully-equipped to ensure your TV mounting goes off without a hitch.

Don’t take our word for it though. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about their installation experience with us. Remember: our job isn’t done until you’re happy and fully satisfied with your TV installation.

tv wall mount installation

Our family moved into a new flat that was a little smaller in size. It goes without saying that our flatscreen TV and entertainment centre took up quite a bit of space that we needed. We called TV Wall Mounting Services for help. They came by and gave us a fre estimate. We were so happy with them that we hired them on the spot. I would recommend them for any TV mounting services.

Katherine L.

Kirkham, Preston

The last company who installed our TV wall mount didn’t do the best job. Within a year the mount ended up coming loose from the wall and almost destroyed our television. I needed to find someone who did excellent tv wall installation near me, so I ended up calling TV Mounting Services. They fixed the issue quickly, and now our TV fits nice and secure. 

Josh W.

Kirkham, Preston

I rang TV Wall Mounting Services for when I needed to install a tv wall mount bracket. They gave me a great estimate for tv bracket installation over the phone so I had them come over. They got the job done fast and were quite friendly. They are the best servicemen I’ve had the honour of dealing with in a long time. I only wish I had more TVs so I could hire them again!

Henry T.

Kirkham, Preston

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Need to find a TV mounting service near you in the UK? You’re in luck. Our company provides top-rated television installation services all across the UK. Be sure to have a look at our service locations for more information.

If you don’t see your town listed, feel free to reach out and contact us. Chances are we’ll be able to make it out to your location. 

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