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Utilising the appropriate hardware in order to mount a TV onto your wall, should be done with confidence. This means opting for equipment that meets VESA standards, and is backed by a brand name that’s well-known in the industry for their commitment to quality. Regardless of the chosen bracket style, including fixed, pivoting, tilted, turning, and even motorized, you should always go with the best. Purchasing from a trusted manufacturer or from TV Wall Mounting Services Stockport means consumers are less likely to run into problems down the road, when installation has been done properly. The most you need to do when considering your mounting hardware purchase, is to ensure it fits your TV specifications, and matches up with your wall surface. Also, remember to take your needs into consideration, before choosing a brand. The size of your room, television dimensions, and viewing capabilities should all be a part of your decision. Once you have determined your needs, you can filter through some of our favourite brands for a TV bracket you can depend on.

Some of the Brands Being Discussed


With an easy to install mounting bracket, B-Tech is among the most commonly installed TV mounts. While they offer a wide range of television compatibility in a robust package, their hardware is rather easy to install – even for DIYers. The most specific item you will need with hardware from B-Tech, in order to loosen or tighten fittings, is a security-allan-key. Although it may be a bit peculiar, your average allan key will not work, so it’s best to ensure your security-allan-key is kept somewhere safe for future use.  Most popular choices include:

  • Full motion 42” wall bracket
  • Medium to large 55” tilting bracket
  • Large 75” full motion bracket


Although Invision is not as commonly installed when compared to B-Tech or Sanus, they continue to win over professional installers time, and time again. Consumers are often impressed with the overall quality offered by Invision mounting brackets, covered by an unmatched 25-year warranty. Invision was initially created after an engineer, frustrated with the poor quality of available brackets, decided he could provide something better. Eleven years later, and Mark Rodmell has continued to maintain his high standards. Offerings include:

  • Small to medium 42” full motion bracket
  • Medium to large 70” full motion bracket


Although brackets produced by this brand are priced more on the high-end, Peerless is a notable company with the quality to back up their price point. Currently, Peerless manufactures their mounts within the United States, after pulling operations out of China. Paired with a 45 year reputation of reliability, you can rest assured you are investing in a product that will last for years to come. If you are willing to spend a bit more on your mounting hardware, Peerless should be at the top of your list. Commonly purchased sizes include:

  • Medium 50” tilting bracket
  • Medium to large 55” full motion bracket
  • Large 90” full motion bracket


Sanus is one of the most commonly purchased TV mounts, and for good reason. With a price point similar to that of Peerless, Sanus offers a wide variety of mounting brackets for a multitude of TV sizes. Not only are their products easy to install, but they also provide instructions that are understood by nearly anyone, bundled together in a visually appealing package. Although there may be better options for flat style installations, Sanus tops the list of tilting, and pivoting bracket makers. While Sanus is company based in the USA, their products are manufactured in China. Some of their best selling sizes include:

  • Small 39” full motion bracket
  • Medium 55” tilting bracket
  • Large 70” full motion bracket



While Ventry is technically a part of B-Tech, they deserve their own moment in the spotlight. While most of the listed brands may be a bit more on the pricey side, Ventry offers budget friendly options with decent quality, sans unnecessary frills. You can’t go wrong with a flat TV wall bracket from Ventry, with clear specifications, and easy to follow instructions on installation. Consumers commonly trust in these offerings from Ventry:

  • Small flat TV bracket
  • Medium flat TV bracket
  • Large flat TV bracket



With a sea of competition, bringing something unique to the table is what makes a company stand out. As a Dutch company, Vogels strives to remain ahead of their competitors by offering innovative motorized TV mounts. Say you’re relaxing, watching your favorite program, but your TV isn’t exactly at the best angle. Power up the app, and change your TV location to suit your needs, with Vogels’ MotionMount. These high-end brackets are unmatched by other manufacturers. Bring your TV mount into the 21st century with on of these brackets:

  • Small 43” full motion motorized bracket
  • Medium 55” full motion motorized bracket
  • Small to medium 32” to 55” flat bracket

Where to Purchase Mounting Brackets

Regardless of your chosen TV mount hardware manufacturer, there are a few common retailers who provide a multitude of brands. Those of you who enjoy making purchases from the comfort of your own home, will appreciate the selection offered by Amazon (US & UK). Something like is another online alternative, for those looking to avoid a big corporation like Amazon. Alternatively, there are plenty of locally based retailers with equipment on hand, including: Alltrade, John Lewis, Midwich, PC World, and Richer Sounds, to name a few.

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