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In situations where space is extremely limited, consumers might consider installing a TV onto the ceiling. While it may sound great, utilizing seemingly “unused” space, a project such as this brings along it’s own set of specific challenges. Although you might have spotted a ceiling mounted TV in a sports bar, they have more than likely put in additional safety precautions to make it secure. As far as a residential installation, is a ceiling mounted television even possible?

Ceiling Mounted TVs

To put it bluntly, against better judgment, it is completely possible to mount a TV to the ceiling. Although this may seem like a great, easy project to complete, there are actually a lot of issues to consider beforehand. Overall safety, specialized brackets, appropriate fixings, wiring and cable placement, TV size, TV weight, and potential damage, are just a few of the numerous considerations. The last thing you want to happen is having your ceiling collapse, while also damaging your TV – possibly beyond repair.

  • Double sided mounts, such as those seen in restaurants, allow you to mount two televisions or monitors together, back to back. This provides viewing from multiple angles, in nearly any area of the room.
  • Your average wall mount bracket kits may also be utilised, especially in regard to tilting styles. Something with locking bar or screws would be advisable, though.

Contact a Professional

Before you think to yourself, “I can do this”, remember the bit of fear you felt when installing a wall mount into plasterboard. There may have been a bit of doubt that it would hold securely. Mounting a television to your ceiling is way more daunting, and probably not the most user friendly project. You might also have difficulty finding a professional who is willing to take on the task. However, you are better off putting this installation into the hands of a trusted pro, than risking potential damage by your own hand.

  • Utilise ceiling beams to carry the weight of your mounting hardware, and television. Because these beams are most likely of solid construction, they are a more reliable surface to hold the weight. A high quality stud finder will be extremely helpful in locating such a stud.
  • Adding plywood to the ceiling is another great option. Installing a piece of plywood between beams will provide a bit more stability. The issue with this method is accessibility to the attic. If you can’t access the space above your ceiling, you are probably out of luck with this option.
  • Plasterboard fixings are helpful in situations where hanging a television in the middle of a room is impossible. Studs may not be located centrally, which requires the additional support of plasterboard fixings in order to install a ceiling TV mount. This option may not be a great choice for those with a large TVs though, whereas smaller TVs will not add too much additional stress.

Power Cables

Providing power to your ceiling mounted TV is a whole different challenge, often requiring the most effort. You need to consider this aspect before deciding on this large of a project. Contacting a local professional is your best bet, to get their opinion of your space, devices and requirements. What’s likely to happen is the addition of a hollow tube, in order to route them directly to your ceiling mount. Keep in mind this wiring includes power cables, coax cables, HDMI or AV cables, as well as internet cables. Although it is possible to utilize wi-fi connections, you will be sacrificing speed. You are better off bundling an internet cable with the rest, especially if you are already going to put in that much effort.

  • Routing your cables is a difficult puzzle. You might need to pull up floorboards, which isn’t an easy task. However, if you are planning to put in new flooring, you may be able to go ahead with this option. On the other hand, if any cables experience damage from mice or other rodents, you will be in a difficult position in regards to replacement.

Final Thoughts

Although the idea of installing a ceiling mounted television in a residence may appeal to you, is it really the best option for your situation? Although double sided mounts may be safe, and utilized in a friendly manner, ceiling mounted wall brackets aren’t as suitable. Consider how comfortable you’d be if you are laying underneath a ceiling mounted TV, and it comes crashing down. Not only would you need to repair the ceiling, and replace your television, you may also be responsible for additional medical bills after it lands on your face. In the case of a large television, your best bet would be to clear the appropriate wall space for a wall mounted bracket. Ceiling mounts may be unique, and trendy, but they are not the most secure installation location for your expensive flat screen TV.

A Guide on Brackets

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